Penimbang gantung boleh cas mudah alih WeiHeng WH-A25 Portable Rechargeable Luggage Scale
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WeiHeng WH-A25 Rechargeable Portable Electronic Scale LCD Display Luggage Scale Multi-unit Conversion Storage Handle 55kg

Penimbang gantung ini sesuai untuk travel, timbang beg sebelum masuk kapal terbang.
Ianya juga sesuai untuk digunakan oleh cyclist untuk timbang basikal.

Kelebihannya berbanding penimbang gantung yang lain, ialah ianya boleh dicas.

Ianya masih boleh menggunakan bateri, tetapi jika bateri habis, anda boleh cas penimbang tanpa perlu beli bateri lagi.






Built-in 200mAh lithium , USB charging.
The wide handle can be retracted for storage, and the large hook makes it easier to hook things.
Working current is only 3.7mA, shutdown current is 1uA.
There are four unit conversions of "kg, lb, JIN, OZ".
When weighing, you can choose to lock or unlock two modes, zero tracking, automatic shutdown for 120 seconds without operation, when locked, there will be a loud buzzer prompt sound.
LCD backlight display for clear and fast reading of measurement data.
Compact and portable, accurate weighing and easy to use.
High range, sensitive reading, fast weighing and improve efficiency.
Double accuracy, different weighing ranges automatically convert accuracy values.
Perfect for industrial, agriculture, domestic, luggage, parcels, fishing and other heavy objects


Material: ABS+steel
Color: black+silver
Backlight color: blue
: 1 * lithium , 200mAh (included)
Unit: kg, lb, JIN, OZ
Range: 55kg * 5g
Double accuracy:
0-10kg: d=5g
10-55kg: d=10g
Scale body size: 103 * 58 * 22mm / 4.1 * 2.3 * 0.9in (except for hardware and protruding handle size)
The internal space with the handle fully opened: 28-30mm high, 50mm wide
LCD size: 33 * 20mm / 1.3 * 0.8in
Package size: 125 * 95 * 33mm / 4.9 * 3.7 * 1.3in
Package weight: 196g / 6.9ounce

Packing List:
1 * Scale
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual 

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